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Sell Your Heart Out

We specialize in finding talented sales and marketing professionals to build thriving companies based out of California.

About Us

Since 2016, the team at Basima Tony has worked diligently to help businesses recruit talent. We’re all about hard work ethic and transparency. Have any questions? Want to discuss the next steps for a partnership? Contact us to get started.




Your company is only as strong as the team you hire. Ready to expand your business and build your brand? We can help you find the right talent right now!

Some of the roles we work on include:

  • Account Executives

  • Sales Development Representatives

  • Product Marketing Managers

  • Growth Acquisition Managers

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Entry to Senior level and more!



Build Your Career

Got the experience we're looking for?

Check out our current job listings and submit your resume and we'll reach out to you pronto!

Our Recruiting Process

We don’t pull any punches. Our commitment to being transparent with clients and candidates keeps the process real and refreshing. We want to make sure both parties are spending their time wisely, so we will be forthcoming to ensure everyone makes the right hiring decision.